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Spinzilla Week Continues


Wrapped Felted SoapDay Two of Spinzilla week consisted of creating felted soaps for a few of our retail stores, so spinning was a bit slow.  Yesterday, however was a different story. Alpaca Fiber on Drum CarderI worked up a blend of natural alpaca fiber.  The different variations of color reminded me of chocolate chip cookie dough.  Delicious. Seriously, it was making me hungry while spinning. In the end I had 135 yards of fresh spun yarn…guess that’s better for the diet than cookies anyway! 😉135 yards of all natural alpaca spun for SpinzillaNext, on the smaller spinning wheel, a few more yards were being cranked out. Although I adore my Country Spinner for large projects (and even really all spinning), when I really want to spin and not think, I gravitate back to my Joy.Handspun Yarn on Spinning WheelAfter quite a bit of spinning, this one added 140 more yards to my total.140 Yards of Handspun Yarn created for SpinzillaAll this spinning was wearing out Daisy.Tired Daisy DogShe may have been beat, but I was ready to tackle the next skein of yarn.  I had this carded batt made up a few weeks back and it was calling my name.Carded Batt Spinning FiberThis carded batt consisted of merino wool, bamboo, starbright, and some hand painted up-cycled yarn bits.Yarn on BobbinAfter spinning this up as fine weight as possible, I had 159 more yards for Spinzilla.159 Yards of Handspun Yarn for SpinzillaThursday will be yet another Felted Soap day, but I’m doing my best to get in as much spinning as possible in between soap batches.  Next year, I’ll have to be on a team for Spinzilla, instead of going rogue. I’m absolutely loving having the motivation of the competition to kick my spinning into high gear.  With Dazzle Daze just around the corner and The Locals opening soon, high gear is a necessity.

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Do you spin your own yarn? Then Spin for the Handspun Revolution Show

Calling all you fabulous creators of handspun yarn! If you spin your own yarn, then pluckyfluff needs you! The Handspun Revolution is an Art Show just for Yarn!!! Here’s the details of how your handspun yarn can be part of one large exhibit of one continuous skein of yarn.  (click on image to see it larger)
Want more information?  Check out the facebook page and the ravelry page.  You can always go right to the source too: pluckyfluff’s site
I personally am so excited to put a skein of The Twisted Purl yarn into this exhibit and hope you do the same.  If you are sending in some yarn, I’d love to see some pics!  Please post a comment with a link to your contribution. 

I may just send in this new one, I finished it last night.  It’s wool, thread, lace, string, silk, and ribbon.  ♥