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Quick Knit with Bulky Handspun Yarn

Several months back I created this unique black and white  handspun yarn.  It was an amazing spin and almost felt like I was doodling on wool while plying the black yarn.  With all it’s textures and little tiny sequins, it’s been quietly tempting me to knit it since creation.

White and Black Handmade Yarn

The weather cooled off for a couple of days, which in August in Arkansas is extremely rare.  The cooler nights awakened my hibernating knitting instincts.

Black and White Yarn on the Knitting NeedlesI saw the perfect 2 hour hat pattern online at Tangle.  This free, quick knit hat pattern, perfect to use with thick and thin handspun yarn, is found here. I’m always on the look out for great patterns to use with bulky handspun art yarns.

A two-hour pattern sounded perfect!  I love playing with fiber, but mostly just like spinning it.  I love a good quick knit.  If I’m going to sit down and knit something, it better be fast or the object will be thrown into my bottomless closet of UFO’s.

Plus, with the weather being cool in August…um well, let’s just say the project better be speedy otherwise the temperature will rise and my knitting instinct will crawl right back into its hibernation cave.

I sat, knit, and just a couple of hours later, BAM…I had a hat!

Finished Knit Hat using Thick and Thin Handspun YarnThe pattern was fun, quick, mindless, and rewarding.  Now I have a new hat to warm my head during those long football practices, games, and a quick go to grab when driving all the kiddos to school on those frosty mornings.

I don’t know about you, but I can not wait for those frosty mornings.  Those couple of days of cool air was just a tease.  Jack Frost and I could be best friends for sure.

Interested in a yarn like this one for your own quick knit hat please check out this black with white plied handmade yarn available from my shop on Etsy.  I can always create this yarn again too, so if you want it, just let me know!

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Top Ten Reasons to buy Handmade

Handmade Wooden Buttons by BabyArcticBear
Handmade Wooden Buttons by BabyArcticBear on Etsy

Living the handmade life is a fun experience.  As an artisan, I balance being a full-time mom and running a full-time handmade business all with crafting the life I want for my family.  This got me thinking about why more people should buy handmade.  Here are my personal Top Ten Reasons for Buying Handmade.

10 REASONS TO BUY H.A.N.D.M.A.D.E. (+2):

Hard Work by TattersandNook on Etsy
Hard Work by TattersandNook on Etsy
  • #10 Hard work Behind every handmade item is hard work. The artist has put their efforts into each produced piece. Most of this is done as a labor of love and not looked at as a chore. I like to think the love and passion placed into each handmade item is tangible and the energy lives on in each creation. “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” Jimmy Johnson
  • #9 Admirable Unlike items that are mass-produced often times you find unique differences in each handmade item that is really worth admiring. Admire the craftsmanship and the beauty you can find in each creation. 
Nifty Bag from ShopMakeandMingle on Etsy
Nifty Bag from ShopMakeandMingle on Etsy
  • #8 Nifty Handmade items are oh so nifty, unique, and so fun to show off and share. I have a pair of earrings made from old video machine parts a Crafter in Ohio made found them in Funky Junk Boutique…now tell me that isn’t nifty!  Buy handmade for the pure fun of sharing.  Wouldn’t you rather hear  how interesting and unique something you own is over oh I have that too?  I know I would!
  • #7 Delicious oh so yummy! Beyond beauty and elegance some handmade items are down right devilishly delicious. Need I mention the cupcake store or local bakery you have around the corner? Here in Conway, we have a local bakery that is to die for! Yeah, yeah I could buy cookies from a Keebler Elf but it will not even come close to the party in my tummy a handmade cookie from Maggie’s Original Cookie Company creates.  The items are locally baked and ridiculously divine.  Go and find something delicious, your tummy will thank you.
Handmade Stamp made by StudioMo on Etsy
Handmade Stamp made by StudioMo on Etsy
  • #6 Markets There are many available online handmade markets like Etsy , ArtFire, or Made it Myself that give you the comfortable couch shopping convenience.  Another fun thing to do is to check out your own Locally Grown networks that make obtaining locally produced and exquisitely hand crafted items readily available to you.  Here in Conway, we have an online marketplace called Conway Locally Grown which has local produce and locally handmade items.  Most local Farmer’s Markets will also have crafters along with produce. Check out what available in your area.
  • #5 Artist Help support the poor starving artist! Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic but just think…when you buy handmade you are trading money for a uniquely created cool object. The Artist is beyond thrilled with your support. Each purchase makes a big difference in the life of the crafter. You are helping them give more back into society by assisting with funds for more of their creations. As a fiber artist, each time you buy from me, you’ll find me doing a major happy dance and if I could, maybe even a backflip. Seriously!
  • #4 Durability  Most handmade items are built to last.  It’s not made only to last long enough for the warranty to wear out.  It’s not made to hold you over until the next upgrade.  Handmade is to be passed down to your grand kids.  Yup!
Print by InkandDolly on Etsy
Print by InkandDolly on Etsy


  • #3 Enthusiasm This goes back to the artist and the energy being put into the handmade item.  When I am spinning yarn, I am super enthusiastic about each twist going into the yarn.  The Craftman is making something they love for you to love.  That’s exciting!
  • #2 Environment Handmade items are great for the environment.  The items do not require a large production facility.  Most items are made in small studios.  Check out the Top 5 Reasons why Handmade Yarn is better.  I really get into why Handmade Yarn is better for the environment and a lot of the reason also transfer to other handmade items.
  • #1 Handmade is a story that must be told. I’ll say it over and over. Each artisan has passion and it shows in their works. Please see an earlier post all about the Handmade Story that must be told. 
Handmade Yarn by TheTwistedPurl
Handmade Yarn by TheTwistedPurl

Please check out all these featured items photographed in the blog post.  They all link to different folks on Etsy.

Buy Handmade & Make Someone’s Day! ♥