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Hand Spinning Show & Tell

Below are my recent attempts at hand spinning. I am really showing signs of improvement and am excited about each new yarn. The first one I used some merino roving. Thick to thin in many places and pretty springy in the tightly spun places. Next came the Purple Eyed Monster Roving I had hand painted. The roving was white, blue, green and maroon. It was very tricky to spin. I was not as happy with the end outcome. I still have close to three ounces of this painted roving, so hopefully my next spin will do it more justice.
I love this one! Winter Green. This yarn is a blend of Merino natural roving and a hand painted batch of merino roving. I really love its consistency and the look. There are only a few spots where the yarn is thick.
This roving was an absolute dream to spin. The roving is from a farm in Vermont and is Blue Faced Leicester. The roving was a piece of cake to keep the consistency and the end product is very nice.
This is by far my favorite to date. When I first started painting yarn, I painted a skein named Sanjaya (yes named after that ever so annoying person on that one singing show) This yarn is hand painted roving in a multitude of colors. It reminds me of my Sanjaya yarn, but hand spun. Love, love, love this one!!!

I ♥ spinning yarn! It is the best. Very relaxing and soothing and addictive. It may have replaced my knitting addiction. Very true!
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Cupid Lost his Cookies in my Dye Room

Yes it’s true. Cupid has thrown up all over my yarn. With Valentine’s Day being a little more than a month away, what better than a bunch of Love Themed Colors. I was a crazy dyeing lady today! I hand painted three skeins of yarn, solid red, solid pink, and red and pink together. Also, I did three sets of roving…one 5 ounces in shades of pink and white, the other two one ounce samplers of pink and white. The one laying across the yarns in the pic below is my favorite. It looks like cotton candy.
Enough with the Cupid Puke. I had a wild hair and I knit up the yarn I spun. It turned out pretty nifty. It was a small amount, so I used size 19 needles and cast on only 6 stitches.
I think I may make a cell phone case out of it, just to keep it as my first hand dyed, hand spun, hand knit project. Hopefully first of many more to come! With more consistency and less over spinning. I see a spinning wheel in my near future.
Lastly, I did get some Valentine’s Day Roving up for sale on Etsy. It was so hard, I really wanted to keep it to spin myself…but I have to make money some how! CLICK HERE if you want to check it out.

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I LOVE Productive Days!!!

I painted a TON yesterday. I used some of the techniques I learned over the summer at my dye class and blended three different colors. All of this was painted using yellow, blue, and magenta! It always amazes me how fun and pretty the colors turn out. The picture above, is by far, my favorite yarn made to date. It is an alpaca/wool blend and it screams knit me. But, unfortunately, I have to make a profit and make up all the money I put into my base yarns…so it is now on Etsy. CLICK HERE to check it out.

This next roving was such a joy to play with! I took the roving and wrapped it up a couple different times and then tied off four sections. I took the full strength purple blend and then continuously diluted it until it was a very soft pink. The white is where the sections were tied so you can see the graduation when it is layed out. This too is on Etsy; CLICK HERE to see it

Below is just a few more pictures taken of all the roving samplers I paint yesterday. There is still one more large one, four ounces drying.

A member in AREtsy posted this to her blog and I thought it was so great, I had to copy it and share it with you as well. Thank you idyllhands for posting it. Be sure to check out her shop! She makes the coolest hand knit bracelets, using wire! CHECK HER OUT

“Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas is just 20 days away but it’s not too late to get some good, quality shopping finished. My favorite group of Etsy ladies makes up a street team lovingly called AREtsy (Arkansas Etsy for those who aren’t in the know). It’s an amazingly varied group of crafters/artists with all kinds of items in their Etsy shops. We’re all open for Christmas so please, make a mug of tea, come in and browse… scratch that, shop for all of the Christmas gifts on your list: Beaded Things – Necklaces, Rings, Earrings Crochet/Sewing- Babies/Toddlers collages and greeting cards 100 percent hand sewing–no machine all crafts! bags, satin pillowcases, jewelry travel totes Abstract, mixed media art, jewelry, felting and photography Knitting and wire wrapping wire jewelry mosaic art clothing Handmade Jewelry Sewing Fiber Arts sewing, kids stuff Assemblage, Mosaics papercrafts sewing-wallets and bags glass,clay,metal lampwork glass beads Sewing, Croches, Jewelry, Papercraft Hand cut mosaic tiles from vintage and older pottery a little bit of this and that Snowfolk and other sewn goodies jewelry supplies, paper crafts, misc. Cards, custom tags, scrap booking, labels, stationary and other chic things

Get shopping!!!”

Great post! I took her advice and have bought a couple things from these awesome Arkansas Crafters for my loved ones.