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Geocaching, Crafting, and The Twisted Purl Traveler

Do you go Geocaching?  Geocaching is one of the most fun outdoor family friendly activities you can do.  All you need is a GPS device (most cell phones have them now a days) and the will to get out and find stuff!

I’d love to get more into Geocaching at a later time, for now…you want to learn more?  Please go to

We are excited to be releasing a Travel Bug today!  This is The Twisted Purl’s first ever Travel Bug.  A Travel Bug travels between geocaches worldwide and most work to fill a mission.

Current Goal:
On a mission to see your projects made out of yarn and visit as many local yarn shops as possible. I’d like to travel as far and as long as possible, so please keep me moving! I’d love to make it to a yarn shop in every state of America and then travel worldwide.

 Anytime our travel bug moves or gets update we’ll share the information here.

We are heading out now to put it in it’s first cache so it can start it’s journey!

Travel Bug’s Official Site: