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Felting the day away

Today was a record breaking felting day! With the help of my fantastic team, we managed to get  641 soaps hand wrapped, felted, and out to dry. Here’s a few sights of the soap drying.

Here’s a picture of the drying rack, custom made by my step dad.  When it’s full, it makes me think of baking cookies.

I always love seeing this many drying.  Means we had a good, crazy, busy day!  We wholesale our Felted Soaps worldwide.  Tomorrow, we will have a full day of labeling.

Getting ready for the Spring Maraket in Memphis.  Hope to see you there.


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It’s F-F-Freeeezing!

This week was full of lots of fibery fun.  Zoe is back to finish her internship and a brand new intern, Kate, started too!Freezing Hand Painted FiberThursday was FREEZING!  Zoe and I dyed fibers.  Within minutes the hot steaming fiber, hanging up to dry, turned into fibercicles.

Basket full of fiberAlso, I made a couple new yarns.

Carded Batts created from basket of fluffFinished Handspun Yarn

Finished Handspun YarnOne more made this last week too!  This one was a demonstration for Kate to show her how the drum carder and spinning wheel work.  Here’s the basket of fluff:

Basket of FiberBecause I was sharing the process with Kate, I missed taking a photograph of the carded batt.  Below is the picture of the finished yarn:

Handspun YarnLastly, the week was full of lots of new felted soaps:

Felted Soaps by The Twisted PurlSorry for all the pictures and few words, but this week was crazy busy!

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Cupid Puked Pink all Over the Studio

Pink and Purple Fibers ready to steam after dye I had a massive dyed day the other day and guess what the major color theme was?  Yup!  Cupid just came along and puked pink all over the studio.  With Valentine’s Day coming up and spring just around the corner, it was time to bust out the pink shades. Here are the fibers hanging up to dry:

Pink Wool DryingOnce dried, I blended a few of the colors together with both more reds and some yellows and created these carded batts:

Pink Carded battsFrom the card batts I felted a few soaps.  Retail Stores want Valentine’s Day Soaps for their stores.I Heart Felted Soap

Giving soap to a loved one is a funny thought for the holiday of love.  They do make excellent teacher, family, or co-worker gifts.  Unless you need to tell your significant other they stink or to clean up their act….then by all means! Felted Soap is the perfect gift. 😉Pink Spring Felted SoapsWith the freshly dyed pink fibers, I also created a new “Fluff to String” handspun yarn.  Here is the basket of fluff:Basket of carefully selected fibers to be turned into Handmade YarnThe Carded Batt:

Carded Batt created from Basket of FluffThe Finished Handspun Yarn:

Handmade Yarn Valentine's DayThis yarn is now available in our store. Check it out!

close up of semi-coiled handspun yarnWhat are you up to for Valentine’s Day?  Do you have lots of crafty things in store?  I’d love to hear all about it. ♥

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Felted Soap Stocking Stuffers and the post Dazzle Daze Haze

Felted Soap makes great Stocking StuffersThe last few weeks I’ve been consumed with Felted Soap making.  Tons and tons of soap!  With Dazzle Daze behind us and Christmas creeping around the corner, everyone wants a bar or two of soap to stuff in stockings and give out to family and friends.

If you want to get a bar or two of Felted Soap please check out our Etsy Page and be sure to order before December 15th for Christmas Delivery.Hand Dyed Fiber Hanging to DryI had a massive dye day on Wednesday just to keep up with all the fiber needed to fill the orders.  Above is the fiber hanging out to dry.  We are still making about 150-200 soaps a day just trying to keep up with orders.  My new intern, Zoe, is a rock star and TONS of help!!! Dazzle Daze Craft Booth Set UpDazzle Daze 2013 is now just a memory but it sure was a successful show and I had an absolute blast.  Thank you so much for coming out to see me! Above is an overview of our entire booth.  Below was the front display of our Felted Soaps.Felted Soap Display Dazzle Daze 2013We also had an inside felted soap display using an old suitcase found at a second-hand store.  It’s my favorite way to display the soaps.Inside Felted Soap DisplayI could not have done this huge three-day event without help and I have to give a tremendous thanks to my booth helpers.  Girls night out Jeanetta and I giggled our way through the evening.  Claudia and I counted boots and had a blast Friday morning and part of the afternoon.  My step mom, Debbie, relieved Claudia on Friday afternoon and was a huge help all night. Saturday was sister day in The Twisted Purl booth.  Lots of Fun Times at Dazzle Daze 2013Yeah, we are a bit goofy (Twisted Sisters haha)!  We had too much fun and Meg helped support the other vendors and checked lots of things off her Christmas Shopping list.New Yarn Spun during Dazzle Daze 2013Above is a few of the skeins of yarn I created while in my booth.  A few of them sold before I could snap pics…one even sold while it was still on the bobbin!  I hope everyone enjoys the yarn and all the goodies bought during the show and I appreciate your business more than words can express.  Thank you!!!  There will be a shop update on Monday with new skeins of handspun yarn and a few scarves too!