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Cotton Cotton everywhere is Cotton

Save the Planet, use cotton as stuffing. Several months back, I stumbled upon some cotton, and by some I really mean LOADS of it. Pounds and Pounds of cotton that filled up one of my closets. The plan was to spin it, but I really have much more than I ever will need or be able to use. Jeanetta, took some and tested it out as an Environmentally Friendly stuffing alternative and has found it stuffs beautifully!

I now have quarter pound bags listed in my Etsy Shop for you to save the Earth by using. The bags are $3.00 each and I have many of them. If you want more than one bag, please send me a conversation and I will give you a price break and combine shipping.
I am just totally enamored with this sticker. It has a grainy texture and you just have to love the little bird sitting on top of the “Y”
A fellow, Arkansas Etsy Street Team member, dogwoodlane, has started her very own blog: “OnDogwoodLane”. I just love her work. Recently, one of her wallets was a must add addition to my collection. It really has room for everything under the sun. I highly recommend her products to anyone!

This is a picture of the wallet I purchased from her and I truly adore it. Check out her Etsy Shop as well.

There is an ArEtsy Chat tonight and I am really excited about all the things planned to discuss. Has anyone heard of SEO before? I have my thinking cap on again and am in full research. I will have to share more on this later. ♥

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The New Wheel is Here

Today, sitting on my front porch was a glorious sight. An Ashford Wheels & Looms box. Bet you can guess what was in it… Ta Da! A brand spanking new spinning wheel. An Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel. It was so exciting. I almost cried. Yes, I am a big spinning dork…I know. She is so very pretty! Check her out.
The wheel folds up flat for easy travels. Also has a build in lazy kate. Ashford is engraved on both sides of the wheel.
I love the way she spins too. No fussy treadles and slipping wheel. Just smooth, smooth spinning.

On a different note, just in time for Memorial Day, I am listing some Americana funky painted yarn. Very bulky and super unique. My mail was ever so exciting today. I had a couple cute things sent to me as a special thank you and this was one of them. Cute sticker!

Off to enjoy my new wheel! ♥
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Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm

Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm is one of my coolest finds on Etsy to date. Susan Gibbs is the wonderful Shepard of this amazing farm. She has started the country’s first CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) for yarn. The way the program works; you purchase a share of the shearing. Either a spinner’s share (which you know I am all over!!!) or a share of the yarn. This is the second time she has offered this program. The Fall Shearing is for kid mohair and goats. I am in love with her blog too. She keeps everyone updated on the happenings of the farm and all the new additions! This is a picture from a couple of new kids on the farm.

Please visit her website, blog, etsy store or if you have Ravelry…the Ravelry Group.

If you want to see more cute pictures: Check them out on Flickr.
I am planning on being a share holder for many years to come. Much love to Susan for sharing this amazing program with all up Little Bo Peep wanna-be’s! ♥
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New Spinning Fiber

Here is Drew’s Yarn! I LOVE it! “BIG N TASTY” is the name. The name has a long history, and maybe someday I will share it with you…but today, there is much to talk about! We got our tax refund! YIPPEE! The hubby was rather happy at the “loss” my business took and how it helped us with our refund. He even said I should look into getting a new spinning wheel! That is really cool…I have my eye on an Ashford Joy. But, I will talk more about that too later. With having a little extra disposable income, I figured there was nothing in the world better than getting some extra spinning fiber! I have some yummy purchases to share. Some yummier than others…

One Pound of super soft brown alpaca. It is so amazing, very little hay or anything to pick out. I just can’t wait to spin this up. I am starting on it tomorrow.
Next is three bags of fiber from a seller on Etsy. The one is the middle is washed Border Leicester. I will be dying it and playing with it some. The bag on the left is black n brown border Leicester and it is not washed. You want to feel like you just stepped on a farm, you should open up this bag. I have always purchased my fiber preprocessed into carded roving until now. The bag on the left and the bag on the right will be a new experience for me. I will be sure to tell you how it goes. The bag on the right is also Leicester in gray. I am still waiting for one more pound from this seller to come.

“Bah Bah Black Sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir three bags full!”

I took one of their bags! Woooooowoooo! This is a LOT of fiber. Four pounds to be exact. And it is actually alpaca, not from a black sheep, but this picture did get the lovely tune stuck in my head.

Just so you get an idea of the amount of this, here Brady is admiring the fiber.
The idea of blending fibers is very intriguing to me. Making my own yummy blends. I thought a alpaca/angora would be super soft and gorgeous to feel. So, I had my alpaca (and boy do I have a lot of it) I just needed to get the angora.

The angora below is from another wonderful seller on Etsy: Yarntospin

Be sure to check out her shop. I got the honor of being her very first customer. First of many more to come, I am certain! This is fiber from one of her angora bunnies. Believe me, you just want to roll around in this stuff.

So that is about it, for now! Hope this gave you a nice fiber fix for the day. I have a couple more exciting things to share, but I will wait for tomorrow. This post is already long enough, and my spinning wheel is calling my name. Happy crafting! ♥

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Etsy One Million Challenge Update

Well, the challenge started off with a bang! Then, BOOM!!! Flickr went down. They can say whatever they want, I just know our little group broke Flickr. There server couldn’t handle the massive uploading of wonderful Etsy users into the group.

When the site went down we had 90 members and 1,998 pictures uploaded! It was an awesome start to a fun challenge.

How long do you think it will take for Etsy Members to upload One Million Photos in the group’s database?