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Cotton Cotton everywhere is Cotton

Save the Planet, use cotton as stuffing. Several months back, I stumbled upon some cotton, and by some I really mean LOADS of it. Pounds and Pounds of cotton that filled up one of my closets. The plan was to spin it, but I really have much more than I ever will need or be able to use. Jeanetta, took some and tested it out as an Environmentally Friendly stuffing alternative and has found it stuffs beautifully!

I now have quarter pound bags listed in my Etsy Shop for you to save the Earth by using. The bags are $3.00 each and I have many of them. If you want more than one bag, please send me a conversation and I will give you a price break and combine shipping.
I am just totally enamored with this sticker. It has a grainy texture and you just have to love the little bird sitting on top of the “Y”
A fellow, Arkansas Etsy Street Team member, dogwoodlane, has started her very own blog: “OnDogwoodLane”. I just love her work. Recently, one of her wallets was a must add addition to my collection. It really has room for everything under the sun. I highly recommend her products to anyone!

This is a picture of the wallet I purchased from her and I truly adore it. Check out her Etsy Shop as well.

There is an ArEtsy Chat tonight and I am really excited about all the things planned to discuss. Has anyone heard of SEO before? I have my thinking cap on again and am in full research. I will have to share more on this later. ♥