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Spinzilla Week Continues


Wrapped Felted SoapDay Two of Spinzilla week consisted of creating felted soaps for a few of our retail stores, so spinning was a bit slow.  Yesterday, however was a different story. Alpaca Fiber on Drum CarderI worked up a blend of natural alpaca fiber.  The different variations of color reminded me of chocolate chip cookie dough.  Delicious. Seriously, it was making me hungry while spinning. In the end I had 135 yards of fresh spun yarn…guess that’s better for the diet than cookies anyway! 😉135 yards of all natural alpaca spun for SpinzillaNext, on the smaller spinning wheel, a few more yards were being cranked out. Although I adore my Country Spinner for large projects (and even really all spinning), when I really want to spin and not think, I gravitate back to my Joy.Handspun Yarn on Spinning WheelAfter quite a bit of spinning, this one added 140 more yards to my total.140 Yards of Handspun Yarn created for SpinzillaAll this spinning was wearing out Daisy.Tired Daisy DogShe may have been beat, but I was ready to tackle the next skein of yarn.  I had this carded batt made up a few weeks back and it was calling my name.Carded Batt Spinning FiberThis carded batt consisted of merino wool, bamboo, starbright, and some hand painted up-cycled yarn bits.Yarn on BobbinAfter spinning this up as fine weight as possible, I had 159 more yards for Spinzilla.159 Yards of Handspun Yarn for SpinzillaThursday will be yet another Felted Soap day, but I’m doing my best to get in as much spinning as possible in between soap batches.  Next year, I’ll have to be on a team for Spinzilla, instead of going rogue. I’m absolutely loving having the motivation of the competition to kick my spinning into high gear.  With Dazzle Daze just around the corner and The Locals opening soon, high gear is a necessity.

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Gotta Get Moving!

A Belated Happy St. Patty’s Day from the boys. Mama Deb bought them Irish shirts for the day. Brady’s says “Irish Girls Love Me”, Austin says “Irish U were a Leprechaun” and Drew’s says “You’re so Lucky I’m not your kid”. They had a fun day in their shirts. Except Brady liked yelling about how he did NOT like Irish girls.

Jeanetta came over yesterday and was very inspiring and encouraging for me to get a move on! Toad Suck Daze is just around the corner and I have to have a very large inventory for the three day event. So here is what’s on the drying rack:

I painted two yarns and one roving. Jeanetta also painted one roving, and I let Brady paint a small one ounce bit. He is just so darn hard to say no to.

After Jeanetta left, I was still in a painting mood so I did a true variegated yarn. With spring in mind I dab and dotted my way through the whole skein in magenta, blue, green, and a darker magenta, which looked a bit purple. I also left a bit of white, it is always hard for me to do that. I absolutely adore it! I can not wait to reskein it to see the variations all mixed up.

I am also reading a new book. Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco. I am hoping it will help me format my business a bit more and fine tune all the details I have been putting on the back burner.
And last, but surely not least…here is what is on the spinning wheel:
The painted roving was called “Deep Calls to Deep” and was actually listed on Etsy for a bit, before I couldn’t resist the urge to spin it myself. The handspun yarn will most likely have the same name, unless I am struck with a different inspiration.

That’s it for me now! I do not foresee having another productive day today. We just got our puppy dog, Daisy, back from the vet. She was spayed and is resting quite peacefully. Being the overprotective mama (of my pup) I have been watching her like a hawk. Until next time, happy crafting! ♥

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Oh Me Oh My!

How on earth is time moving this quickly?!?! I am telling you! I have been a bad, bad blogger. My poor neglected blog. Tsk…tsk. It’s okay, you can let me have it!

Things have been a bit crazy here lately. Daisy is getting a lot bigger. The picture above is of her napping in her newly knitted doggie sweater. She has to show off her Christmas Spirit too ya know!

These next pictures may not be of the very best quality…but they made me laugh. They were side by side in my camera and I am not entirely sure who took them. My guess would be Brady took the one of Daisy and Daisy took the one of Brady! And really, who knows what on earth they were eating before hand. I am pretty sure Daisy had just enjoyed a green crayon.

Okay, now to the serious stuff! I have now have gift certificates for my Etsy Shop. They can be done in any amount, just send me a convo and I will set one up for you. They are on Etsy now for $10 each. They would make a perfect gift for any yarn-a-holic in your life! I promise, I will try to be a better blogger. I will post more often. I will try. LOL Hope you are all having a happy crafting week!

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I am a Featured Artist!

I am so excited! Denise Felton has featured me this week as her Artist of The Week! It was so fun. I even had to write a Haiku. Please check out her blog:

Also, Denise makes some very neat items! I just love her classic style. Check out her Etsy Shop to see all the awesome things she has for sale.

This is my newest item on Etsy. It is a Christmas Set of Yarn in Hand Painted Red, Green, and White. With Thanksgiving closing in, it is starting to feel more and more like Christmas.
It is funny…the whole season starts earlier and earlier every year. It makes me sad, in a way. When I was a child, my favorite part of Thanksgiving was the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. At the end of the parade came Santa. It was the first time of the year you would see him. Now his face is plastered everywhere, sometimes a few days before Halloween. I actually saw a few of the bell ringers for the Salvation Army out with Christmas hats on, last Wednesday. Can you believe it? Well, of course you can…you see it all around you too.

I really admire a store here in Arkansas. They put up a HUGE sign in their store window saying “Santa wasn’t on the Mayflower” They have pledged to never start Holiday decorations until after Thanksgiving. Good for them!

Here is a picture of Daisy. She was sleeping in the blanket I made for Brady for his birthday. She is getting big! I look back at pictures just from a week ago and it is crazy how much she is growing. I am off to craft. Happy Monday and Happy Crafting!