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Biggest Loser Arkansas Hitting a Wall

Sometimes we Hit a WallToday is Day #23 of my Biggest Loser Arkansas journey.  It has been very challenging so far!  I asked Max, one of my personal trainers, if this was going to get easier.  He said “Yes it is…then we are going to make it harder!”

Isn’t that how life goes?  Just when you think it’s getting easy, someone ups the ante and you have to work through something new and more difficult.

This week, I have hit a wall.  Plain and simple, I have to break through this foggy mess and get myself refocused and ready to tackle yet another day and another workout.


At first, I hesitated in even writing this, because I must be the one with the brave face.  I can’t show weakness because how would that motivate you to make you think you can do this too?  Well, friend, the fact is this is hard!  Getting fat is easy!!!  Taking it off is not.  But let me tell you this, I am the biggest weenie out there and if I can do this so can you.  My pastor likes to quote a friend who said  “No pain, no gain?  Heck no pain, means no pain right?”  and boy can’t we all relate.


The whole process is getting a bit mundane.  I get up, get kids to school, eat breakfast, go to gym, come home shower, dress, eat lunch, go to Little Rock gym, Personal Trainers kick my butt, come home make dinner, walk, sleep, wake up, repeat…ugh!  Boring!

I don’t need people to tell me I can do this.  I’m not writing this for you to give me a pep talk and pick me up!  I’m writing this so you know, realistically, hitting a wall is going to happen!  Hitting a wall doesn’t mean you are weak.  It doesn’t mean you are not going to succeed.  It doesn’t mean you are not able to do this.  It means that you are being honest, truthful, and realistic with yourself and your journey.  It means that you are human.  Again, I KNOW I can do this and I WILL do this, and YOU CAN DO IT TOO.  But, right now, I am so bored!

I don’t want to walk, I don’t want to go to the gym 2 times a day. I don’t want to eat healthy food.  I want a hotdog, a pizza, some freaking chocolate…SERIOUSLY.  Um, yep!  That’s me being completely honest.

Stupid Fog

But, with that being said, after I ate my boring healthy breakfast, I took a long walk.  When I started, it was so foggy outside.  I started thinking of my wall as the fog.  The stupid fog hanging over me and weighing me down.  Telling me to take a nap instead of going to the gym.  The stupid fog telling me to go eat some chocolate, you know it would be oh so yummy!  Stupid fog.

Pushing Back the Fog

Sometimes in life, things are hard.  Being a christian, doesn’t mean God swoops in and saves the day any time things get tough.  God uses walls, difficult times, “the fog” to teach you something.  That’s how you learn and grow and become a better person and a stronger christian.  The fog is there for you to work through.  We do not have perfect vision, but God does!   We can trust in Him and know He’s got this.  He always has it!

I have worked through some difficult things in my life.  Much more difficult than some stairs in an old building.  God has always been there, waiting for me, holding me, and walking with me.  This situation is no different.  This is not anywhere near dramatic as some of the happenings in my life, but you know what?  God has this, just like he had all that.  He can move mountains!  What is my little wall when I give it to Him?  Nothing but fog that I can walk right through.


As I continued my walk, the fog lifted more and more and the sun started breaking through.  I noticed my brand new workout pants.  I had bought them a couple sizes smaller than I normally would because after all, I am shrinking.  The pants are getting baggy.  I thought about yesterday and how many outfits I tried on to go to the News Broadcast (yeah, I’m that girl too) and how many of them didn’t fit right anymore.  I thought about how I was starting to feel comfortable once again in my own skin.  I saw hope.   Psalms 62:5 “Find rest O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him”

So yes, you are going to hit a wall.  The fog is going to swoop in and surround you.  But know, this too shall pass.  You have this.  Trust that God will carry you through this, cause He is that cool!  In the end of it all, I have faith and hope and I know the Son eventually breaks through the fog. 😉

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength & that is that!



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Biggest Loser Arkansas Week One

Last Fortune Cookie before Diet Started
Last Fortune Cookie before Diet Started

The very first week of the Biggest Loser Arkansas competition is done!  What a week!!!  I’ve worked very hard, pushed my body much farther than I ever thought it could go, and have results to show for it!

August 31st, 2011 we met Allen Maxenberger at the 10 Fitness on Highway 10 in Little Rock to be weighed in.  *gulp*  This was the moment of truth.


Apparently, there was much work needing to be done here.  Let me tell you a bit about my lifestyle before this competition.

I would wake up, and have 2 or 3 cups of coffee with a large splash of French Vanilla Creamer.  I’d sit on the computer, or in front of my spinning wheel all day long.  Snack here, snack there…but never really eat a meal until my husband and kids all got home (now this could be as late as 8:30 at night).  We would eat a HUGE meal…a lot of the time it would be pizza, something prepackaged, or a drive thru because I was to tired to prepare something myself.  TOO TIRED???  WHAT ON EARTH WAS I DOING????  Oh, yeah….getting fat!

Boy, has my life changed in just one week!!!


The workouts are hard and easy.  We meet with Allen and his son Max, most days.  They put us through about 30 minutes of strength training on different circuit machines.  Some of it is very hard (the arms) and other parts are a  bit easier.

I have been very proud that I haven’t cursed, yelled, or cried, yet.  You know, there are 9 weeks to go still!

Max takes lots of videos of us during our strength training, so I am sure some of those are bound to surface.  One small disclaimer, my arms are weak and those machines hurt!!!  AND if the video of me trying to stand on the ball comes out….well “Grace” has never nor will it ever be my middle name.  I apologize in advance to those who stand next to me in Zumba.

On a serious note, Allen said one thing the day he gave us our diet plans that I have taken to heart.  “No one has ever won this competition who put in less than 2 hours of cardio a day.”  That has been my goal to attain since the words came out of his mouth.

Two Hours of Cardio a Day!  WHAT?!?!?!

So, yep…that is what I have been aiming for.  Now, at first I hated the Elliptical machine with all the hate a person can have.  Now Elli’s not so bad.  This is what I do most days.  Now I started just 15 minutes on each machine…but I’m building momentum.

  • 30-45 minutes on Stationary Bike
  • 30 minutes on Elliptical Machine
  • 60 minutes on Treadmill


Egg White Omelet

I already typed the diets all out and really don’t want to do it all over again, but will just link them here:

Biggest Loser Arkansas Diet Plan Given by AMAX Fitness

Biggest Loser Arkansas Approved Food List

The food has been amazing!  I’ve really been loving it.

Basically, I wake up, have an egg white omelet and an English Muffin (with a little bit of jam).  I have a piece of fruit at about 11am.  I eat a big salad with lots of salsa and chicken or pork tenderloin (whatever was left over from the night before).  Sometimes I make a small baked potato to have with lunch too (top that with salsa NOT butter or sour cream!).  Have another piece of fruit (or raw veggie) in the afternoon.  End the day (before 8pm) with baked Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Breast, or some sort of Fish.  Add a green veggie (most of the time steamed) and a big green salad.   That’s it in a nutshell!

Now, I was told we should have one spurge meal, and I did this Saturday.  After EcoFest, we went to Cactus Jacks and I ordered the fajitas.  I made one taco with the tortilla and ate a few bites of the grilled chicken and veggies.  I ordered an Iced Tea (no beer!) and did have a couple chips in the salsa (but didn’t overdo it).  I felt like absolute crud after!  I know it’s a horrible analogy, but it was like a food hangover.  It felt like a rock in my stomach and just was awful!  Nothing against Cactus Jacks!!!  But, being on this diet for the last week, going strong, and working out the way I have been, my body only wants foods I can use (which totally rocks!).

So, as for the “splurging” I plan to keep that to a minimal.  Bleh!

My Last Weigh In:


I still have a long way to go, but this is great progress!!!


My sister did make a Facebook Fan Group: TEAM CYNDI!  click there if you want to join.  With the group PLEASE be sure you click on edit settings and uncheck all the notification boxes!  I worry about people getting tons of emails from the group.  If you do not edit your settings, each time a person posts in the group you get an email….which, yes, I know is totally annoying and we are trying to gain encouragement, motivation, & inspiration…not annoyance 😉

That was week one!  I will try to post more frequently and less lengthily this next week.  For you, drink your water, think about the food you are putting in your body, and exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times this week.  I want to hear how you are doing!!!

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Biggest Loser Arkansas Approved Food List

Some things can be added to this, but the main thing is to focus on fat free items.  I also try to use things that are low sodium & low in sugar.



Chicken Breast (4oz)

Cod (6oz)

Crab (4oz)

Egg Whites (4 large)

Ground Turkey (4oz)

Lean Beef (4oz)

Lobster (4oz)

Low Fat Cottage Cheese (1 cup)

Low Fat Dannons Yogurt (1 cup)

Pollock/Haddock (4oz)

Pork Tenderloin (4oz)

Scallops (6 oz)

Shrimp (6 oz)

Skim Milk (1 cup)

Tilapia (4oz)

Tuna (canned 3 oz)

Turkey Breast (4 oz)

Greek Yogurt (1 cup)



Baked Potato (1 medium)

Bread (lowest calorie you can find, 1 slice)

Corn (1 cup)

English Muffin (1 whole)

English Peas (1 cup)

Grits (1 cup)

Oatmeal (1 cup)

Pasta (2 oz)

Rice (1 cup)

Sweet Potato (1 medium)




Broccoli (1 cup)

Brussel Sprouts (1 cup)

Cabbage (1 cup)

Carrots (1 cup)





Green Beans

Green Pepper




Red Pepper






***All Leafy Green Vegetables are GREAT!  Eat as much as you want!***



Whey Protein Shake

Bowl of Cereal with Skim Milk (& equal if needed)

Fruit with yogurt or cottage cheese

Tuna with Crackers

Chicken Breast (cold strips)

Deli Turkey (rolled slices)

Raw Fruit or Vegetables)

Sugar Free Jello or Pudding Cups

Popsicle (Sugar Free)

Greek Yogurt


Salsa is fine on everything, as is hot sauce, & fat free low calorie dressing.

See below link to see when we have been told to eat from each approved food section:
Biggest Loser Arkansas Diet Plan Given by AMAX Fitness

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Biggest Loser Arkansas Diet Plan Given by AMAX Fitness

Because I am doing such an intense workout, the diet is high in Carbs and Protein and very low in Fat.

“There is NO SUCH THING as good fat!”  No nuts, no avocados, no nothing!  If it says it has fat in it….it doesn’t belong on my plate!  Just during the intense 10 week training.  Fat Free is the key!



C=Fibrous Vegetable

Allen Maxenberger, our personal trainer, said he eats the exact same thing just about EVERYDAY!

Example Daily Diet Plan:


A: 2 eggs any style or Egg White Omelet (will post recipe)

B: 2 pieces of low calorie bread toast with small amount of jam

C: Fruit



Raw Fruit & Vegetables



A: (4-6 oz) Chicken Breast

B: 1/2 Baked Potato

C: 1 Green Vegetable

C: 1 Salad



Raw Fruit & Vegetables



A: (4-8 oz) Chicken Breast

C: Green Vegetable

C: Salad


 No food after 8pm!!!

I personally, because of my size, fat percentage, and workout regiment have to eat 1,260 Calories a day.

  • 480 Calories of Protein
  • 600 Calories of Carbs
  • <180 Calories of Fat


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Biggest Loser Arkansas: The Hard Part Starts Today

My Biggest Loser Arkansas Photo

Yesterday was a blast!  Myself and the three other contestants were announced on the noon Broadcast of KARK Channel 4 by Mallory Hardin.

Thankfully, my husband, sister, and one of my best friends came with me because it was a bit scary!  Just the idea of being on television, in HD (ahhhh), and being so open about being over weight is a bit nerve wracking.  KARK made me feel very comfortable and it was so cool to be in the studio and see all the sets I have watched every morning for the last five years!

You want to see the broadcast?  Here’s a link to Part 1 which features Janice Drew and myself.

Biggest Loser Arkansas Contest Begins, Pt. 1

In Part 2, Mallory introduces Kyle Lomax and Leah Browder, then brings us all back on stage again.

Biggest Loser Arkansas Contest Begins, Pt. 2

On top of blogging here, I will also be writing daily on KARK’s website.  To check it out and PLEASE leave any words of encouragement and cheer me on by clicking on this link: CLICK HERE

The comments have to be approved by KARK staff before being posted, so no worries if your post doesn’t show up right away.

A HUGE thanks to The Sporty Runner in Conway!  They gave all the contestants a pair of Saucony running shoes!

My new Running Shoes!

When I went into the shop to try on the new shoes, I met Don, who is one of the owners of the store.  Come to find out, he is also my neighbor!  🙂 Nice!!!  Don, you’ll soon see me out in the neighborhood in my new shoes.

After I got back to Conway yesterday afternoon, I went by my Doctor’s office just to let her know what was happening.  The staff at Stancil Raney Medicine in Conway are phenomenal!  I adore the nurses and Dr Stancil is fantastic.  After doing a physical, she gave me the all clear!  She did tell me to listen to my body.  If something feels like it is pulling too much, hold back a bit…she doesn’t want to see me with a hernia or something that could take me completely out of the competition.  She said our bodies know what is too much and I have to listen to mine!

It all starts today!  I head to Little Rock to be weighed in, get a diet plan, and start my cardio.  Wish me luck!!!  Please CLICK HERE to leave commits on the KARK contestant page.  ♥

Here’s the link to the story of how I found out I was picked as a contestant:

Biggest Loser Arkansas…um yeah, things are about to get crazy up in here!