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Meet and Greet

On with the Etsy Shop Makeover series. This thing is never ending! Being not entirely happy with my shop banner it has changed yet once again. This was the one I was using: And it has changed to this banner:
I just can’t make up my mind on my banner. For some reason when it is uploaded it looks a bit blurry, which drives me batty.

I have been working hard on my Secret Swap item for the AREtsy exchange. It is looking pretty spiffy. Really, I want to show you…but it’s a SECRET!

This weekend is the first Meet and Greet for the Arkansas Etsy Street Team. I am very excited about it. It will be in my home, which is a tad crazy of me…but you only live once! The group is full of wonderful ladies (no men yet!) and I just love getting to know each one of them. Being new to the state still and still having made no real connections with anyone near us, I am really looking forward to meeting the AREtsy Gals! My sister will be here and so will my step-mom, so there will never be a dull moment!

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Yet Another Before and After

Above is my original banner (I was never 100% happy with)
This was phase 2 of banner makeover
The Banner above is my new banner. It may change again!

Etsy Avatar: before (above) & after (below)

My avatar was inspired from my Hot Pink Yarn Makeover:

Before (above) & After (below)

All my listings are getting redone. With all new pics. It is actually pretty exciting seeing the changes. I feel much more professional. Will share more tomorrow.