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Three Babies

For the last couple weeks, the boys and I have enjoyed watching a beautiful robin build her nest and then take care of the eggs. Today we noticed little heads bopping up and the mama feeding them. I very carefully took my camera, on my camera stand…set the timer, and ever so gently held it above the nest. This was the result. Three Babies!

The mama bird and daddy bird have been very busy tending to these little ones! I believe they were born either yesterday or early this morning. The eyes are not yet opened and they are quite naked. I will try to snap a few pictures over the next few days so we can share how they are growing (hopefully a bit better quality).

A rainbow array of roving is waiting to be posted to Etsy. Most of them are all under an ounce but a few are over. The next few days my shop will be over flowing with colorful yummy-ness once again. I have felt a bit like the baby birds and that my shop was a bit naked and striped down. The shop will grow with the babies!

I do also have several handspun yarns just hanging out in my ready to sell stash. Today, I did get the handspun listed from the roving Jeanetta painted. It had to be named after her, since she did the dye work and all….here is Jeanetta Spun.

Last night’s AREtsy chat was great! We covered a ton, and now, I need to weed it down to the good stuff and get it out to the group. Hope you all have a lovely evening! ♥

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AREtsy Valentine’s Day Swap

I had a lovely morning chatting with Jeanetta at Hippiti Hoppiti watching the boys bounce off the walls and each other. When I arrived home, I was greeted with a package on my front door step! Hooray, my Secret Swap Gift was here!!!

AREtsy just got finished doing our very first Valentine’s Day Secret Swap. I was lucky enough to have Jenniferz make my item. One look in my favorites on Etsy and you will see how much I love the little wool bearing critters. Sheep are by far my favorite! Jenniferz makes the most adorable items in her Etsy Shop. Please be sure to check her out, she totally rocks!

My swap gift was a large handmade bag with a gorgeous SHEEP on it. Check it out:
The bag is big enough for me to carry around all my knitting projects, my purse items, and a few skeins of yarn!
The inside is lined with cute fabric and has SEVEN little sewn in long pockets for my knitting needles. Also a larger pouch to fit a skein of yarn. This thing really rocks the free world, let me tell you.

Honestly, if this was for sale somewhere, I would have had no choice but to buy it. The fact that it was a gift and made just for me makes it even more special. I love it so very much! Thank you so much Jen!
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Meet and Greet

On with the Etsy Shop Makeover series. This thing is never ending! Being not entirely happy with my shop banner it has changed yet once again. This was the one I was using: And it has changed to this banner:
I just can’t make up my mind on my banner. For some reason when it is uploaded it looks a bit blurry, which drives me batty.

I have been working hard on my Secret Swap item for the AREtsy exchange. It is looking pretty spiffy. Really, I want to show you…but it’s a SECRET!

This weekend is the first Meet and Greet for the Arkansas Etsy Street Team. I am very excited about it. It will be in my home, which is a tad crazy of me…but you only live once! The group is full of wonderful ladies (no men yet!) and I just love getting to know each one of them. Being new to the state still and still having made no real connections with anyone near us, I am really looking forward to meeting the AREtsy Gals! My sister will be here and so will my step-mom, so there will never be a dull moment!

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Etsy One Million Challenge Update

Well, the challenge started off with a bang! Then, BOOM!!! Flickr went down. They can say whatever they want, I just know our little group broke Flickr. There server couldn’t handle the massive uploading of wonderful Etsy users into the group.

When the site went down we had 90 members and 1,998 pictures uploaded! It was an awesome start to a fun challenge.

How long do you think it will take for Etsy Members to upload One Million Photos in the group’s database?

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I LOVE Productive Days!!!

I painted a TON yesterday. I used some of the techniques I learned over the summer at my dye class and blended three different colors. All of this was painted using yellow, blue, and magenta! It always amazes me how fun and pretty the colors turn out. The picture above, is by far, my favorite yarn made to date. It is an alpaca/wool blend and it screams knit me. But, unfortunately, I have to make a profit and make up all the money I put into my base yarns…so it is now on Etsy. CLICK HERE to check it out.

This next roving was such a joy to play with! I took the roving and wrapped it up a couple different times and then tied off four sections. I took the full strength purple blend and then continuously diluted it until it was a very soft pink. The white is where the sections were tied so you can see the graduation when it is layed out. This too is on Etsy; CLICK HERE to see it

Below is just a few more pictures taken of all the roving samplers I paint yesterday. There is still one more large one, four ounces drying.

A member in AREtsy posted this to her blog and I thought it was so great, I had to copy it and share it with you as well. Thank you idyllhands for posting it. Be sure to check out her shop! She makes the coolest hand knit bracelets, using wire! CHECK HER OUT

“Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas is just 20 days away but it’s not too late to get some good, quality shopping finished. My favorite group of Etsy ladies makes up a street team lovingly called AREtsy (Arkansas Etsy for those who aren’t in the know). It’s an amazingly varied group of crafters/artists with all kinds of items in their Etsy shops. We’re all open for Christmas so please, make a mug of tea, come in and browse… scratch that, shop for all of the Christmas gifts on your list: Beaded Things – Necklaces, Rings, Earrings Crochet/Sewing- Babies/Toddlers collages and greeting cards 100 percent hand sewing–no machine all crafts! bags, satin pillowcases, jewelry travel totes Abstract, mixed media art, jewelry, felting and photography Knitting and wire wrapping wire jewelry mosaic art clothing Handmade Jewelry Sewing Fiber Arts sewing, kids stuff Assemblage, Mosaics papercrafts sewing-wallets and bags glass,clay,metal lampwork glass beads Sewing, Croches, Jewelry, Papercraft Hand cut mosaic tiles from vintage and older pottery a little bit of this and that Snowfolk and other sewn goodies jewelry supplies, paper crafts, misc. Cards, custom tags, scrap booking, labels, stationary and other chic things

Get shopping!!!”

Great post! I took her advice and have bought a couple things from these awesome Arkansas Crafters for my loved ones.