Buy Felted Soap Kit

Sheep Soap
One sheep said to the other sheep “That’s a lotta baaaaaaars of Felted Soap!” Baaahahahaha

Make your very own Felted Soaps

Your Felted Soap Kit comes in a Muslin Bag and each kit includes:

  • Carded & Pre-Drafted Multicolored Fiber (plenty to cover one bar of soap)
  • Bar of Yardley Oatmeal & Almond Soap
  • Link to our Instructions which includes Videos and Step by Step Wrapping and Felting Techniques
  • Link to Purchase more Pre-Drafted Fiber at a Discount


Our Kits have SOLD OUT!  They will be available again soon.

Felted Soap Kit

Not interested in doing the work yourself?  The Twisted Purl has finished Felted Soap Bars available HERE

Main Felted Soap Pic

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