Crochet Kick

We’ve been on a crochet kick in the shop. Hilary, our fantastic crochet teacher and shop assistant, has been inspiring me to dive deeper into the hooker world. I like to browse the What’s Hot Now section on Ravelry just to see what’s trending and to stay on top of all the lovely patterns you […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Mar 15, 2017

Kill the UFO

In the midst of painting, moving, and organizing I’ve been working on upcoming classes and events. It’s hard! Being my own boss and running this business requires a lot of hats.I get super overwhelmed and just freeze up at times. These are the days where I just want to sit in the corner and knit. […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Mar 13, 2017

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By : The Twisted Purl | Mar 12, 2017

The Rumors are true the Twisted Purl is Moving

We are moving!  The new space is located on Prince and Salem. We have some awesome neighbors including a floral shop, nail salon, COFFEE house (yes!), sandwich shop, and even Maggie’s Cookies (yum!).  I’m totally excited.  Wait until you see it! We’ve been working on sprucing up the new place over the last few weeks. I’m […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Mar 11, 2017

TNNA Winter 2017 is a Blast so far!

Not a lot of time to post this week, as I’ve been diving into the wonderful winter show hosted by The National Needlearts Association. It’s been an amazing experience. This time the role is the buyer and not a vendor. Big first for me! Absolutely thrilled to have my knitting with me on the plane. […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Jan 22, 2017

TNNA in San Jose

So flipping excited. I’m going to the TNNA show starting tomorrow!! It’s so refreshing to attend a show and not have to work it.  I’m going to shop and see all the things to see and learn all the things! Most excited about seeing the new yarn…but it’s going to be super hard to be […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Jan 18, 2017

Superstitions and Spinning

We’ve all heard the common superstitions of black cats crossing our paths, not walking under those ladders, and to be oh so careful with the mirror. What about the less common ones? Today is Friday the 13th and we have a Spinning Class this afternoon.  It made me think, “uh oh….that might be bad luck.” […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Jan 13, 2017

Crochet my Crazies Crochet!

Not sure if it’s the new year, or is it a full moon, or maybe just this wacky weather but the crazies are out in full! I’m not talking about peeps in the shop…well not entirely.  I love, LOVE, my eccentric crafty people, but have learned being in a shop full of yarn might make […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Jan 12, 2017

If I had a dollar for every post started but never finished I could be running for President

What has happened in the past two years?  Life.  Most definitely.  Lots of crazy, funny events have happened in the shop and in my life.  Why on earth have I not been sharing with you? I came to an epiphany yesterday. As I was driving to work, it was super eerie.  The wind was blowing, […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Jan 11, 2017

Adventure Knitting this Thursday

Come join us this Thursday, from 6:00-8:00, as we dive into an adventure. A knitting adventure… A Day in the Woods is an amazingly fun pattern book by Lee Meredith. Do you remember those books where you chose your own adventure by turning to a certain page or choosing your path?  This is just like […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Sep 26, 2016

Learn to Crochet a Granny Square

Now that fall is here, or at least almost, it’s time for The Twisted Purl to start up our classes again.  You’ve asked for a more advanced crochet class and here it is! We’re starting a Granny Square a month class. Each class is a different square and they will all be about the same […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Sep 15, 2016

New Yarn at The Twisted Purl from Island Yarn Company Poosh

OMG I love this yarn!!!  This yarn is so amazingly soft.  It’s alpaca *drool*, merino wool *double drool*, and Nylon (for strength).  It looks almost like a roving yarn.  But unlike a roving yarn, I pulled and pulled on it to see how much tension it would require to pull apart…it was seriously quite a […]
By : The Twisted Purl | Aug 12, 2016

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