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Crawfish, Beer, and Yarn oh my!

Brady with Crawfish

The family and I went to a crawfish boil yesterday at the lovely house of one of my husbands previous crew members.

The crawfish was tasty and the beer was oh so refreshing on a muggy day. 

Needing to BYOB, we stumbled upon an excellent liquor store in Sherwood. Thank you Siri.  107 Liquor rocks! Their staff is super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We mentioned heading to a Crawfish Boil and they recommended a beer made in old crawfish boiling pots with the seasoning. Saison d’écrevisses. Perfect compliment to the feast.

Sunday was all about yarn. While catching up on missed tv shows I made five new handspun yarns.

Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend!

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Conway needs a Local Yarn Shop

Dearest yarnaholics, fiber fiends, spastic spinners, do I have some news for you!

Conway needs a local yarn shop. Yep yep! We have to travel way too far for the textile experience we all crave. Our two closest shops are lovely and spectacular, but often, you just want something in your neighborhood. A place to swing by during lunch or after work. A place to call yours.

Enough is enough. I’m throwing in my hat and starting it up. This is super scary and a huge leap of faith, but Conway NEEDS a yarn shop! I hope, pray, and beg you to join me. My hubby and son are breaking in the couch to make it a comfy crafting spot just for you. Over the next couple weeks we are carefully selecting new yarn and other nifty crafty things.

You can expect to find lots of handmade yarn, tons of spinning and felting fibers, unique yarn from companies all over, classes (knitting, crochet, felting, spinning….yes!!!), and more!

Darn Good Yarn at Twisted Purl's Yarn shop

We are meeting with yarn distributors to get in some cool stuff, but as you can imagine that takes a bit of time to accomplish.

Our shop will offer a unique experience where you can pick out all the fluff and stuff you want to go into your yarn:

TwistedPurl Fluff and Stuff

I’ll blend it together on a drum carder.

Twisted Purl carded battThen turn it into a handspun yarn while you wait (or you can always come back and pick it up).Twisted Purl Handspun Yarn

Eventually the shop will be fully stocked, but before then, our doors will open, and our little community can start. Hope you will join us! 1105 Deer St, #5 Conway Twisted Purl

Grand opening details coming soon!

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A Step in the Right Direction

Let me take a quick break from all the fluff and stuff to share a moment with you.

These last few weeks have been full of the highest of highs and extreme lows.

My step son has been in my life since he was three.  I love to say he was the son I got to pick, the other two I just was given.

There was always this line I was scared to cross. This stupid line “I’m not his mom and I can’t step on the toes of his real mom.”

His mom lived in California.  We’ve lived in Arkansas since he was in fifth grade.  I’ve been his mom.  Full time.  But always been afraid to give my full-time mom self to him. This sucks and is so hard to say, but I know my feelings aren’t something I share alone.

A couple of weeks ago, very unexpectedly, his mom passed away.  This shocking time has brought the realization to me of this line that’s now gone.  I’m his mom.  There are no more toes to step on….but why the heck did it take me this long to realize it???

If my children had a step parent I would beg that parent to love them with no restraints.  No child needs less love!  I know his mom would agree. We talked a few weeks ago for almost an hour about the highs and lows of being his mom and she thanked me for being there for him.

By no means am I saying I loved him less.  There were times when I’d hold back from extra hugs because I’d hate to seem to be replacing his mom.  I’d always expect my husband to do all the correcting when needed. Then, when he wouldn’t correct things soon enough I’d get extra frustrated and blow up. If I had felt the freedom to just say hey stop this or that there would have been no build up.

Stupid right?  It feels so petty now and years of wasted anxiety over something I should have known from the get go….I am his mom.

My step son just graduated high school, last weekend.  I celebrated with him with no fear of lines and no holding back.  He is mine, he has always been mine, and I am no longer looking back.  The past is what it was and the future is full of potential.

Be there for the kids in your life!  Either the ones you got to pick or the ones your were given.  Life is too short and everyone needs more love.

Now for some yarn….cause it’s what I do! 😉

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Well color me inspired!

Oh the weather has been gorgeous and I’ve had some lovely new yarns on the the spindle! The colors of spring have been nothing but pure inspiration for me. We did have some very rainy weather but one day it gave way to a beautiful rainbow. The colors never cease to amaze me. I always find inspiration in my surroundings.

As we all know Pinterest is a great place for color inspiration. I can find glimpses of the far away and the exotic and recreate them in the colors of my yarn.

Just a little magic spinning on the wheel.

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Tulip fields in the Netherlands!
Tulip fields in the Netherlands!


Carding, carding, just keep carding.

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yellow trees over water
Yellow trees over water


Where do you find your inspiration?

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Etsyfest is on the way

Etsy Fest is going to be here before you know it!  In fact it’s this Saturday!  And do I have some new goodies for you.

Yarn dreads and HANDMADE SOAP (felted of course)!

handmade soap felted
There are some old felted favorites.


And some newly spun sensations.

Remember that this event is highlighting some of the talented artisans, makers, musicians, and creators that the Natural State has to offer.  All in one place.  You dont want to miss the fun and food and great opportunity to buy really cool one of a kind, handmade item. Plus my friends at Rock Town Distillery will be there with all their yummy spirits.  Cheers!!!

 Mother’s Day is right around the corner and our felted soaps and dryer balls make very unique gifts.  And if mom is a yarnaholic like me, she will love the gift of handspun yarn. We even have Gift Certificates!

And as an added bonus just mention you saw this and get a free sheep charm.
Can’t wait to see you!!!