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Meet and Greet

On with the Etsy Shop Makeover series. This thing is never ending! Being not entirely happy with my shop banner it has changed yet once again. This was the one I was using: And it has changed to this banner:
I just can’t make up my mind on my banner. For some reason when it is uploaded it looks a bit blurry, which drives me batty.

I have been working hard on my Secret Swap item for the AREtsy exchange. It is looking pretty spiffy. Really, I want to show you…but it’s a SECRET!

This weekend is the first Meet and Greet for the Arkansas Etsy Street Team. I am very excited about it. It will be in my home, which is a tad crazy of me…but you only live once! The group is full of wonderful ladies (no men yet!) and I just love getting to know each one of them. Being new to the state still and still having made no real connections with anyone near us, I am really looking forward to meeting the AREtsy Gals! My sister will be here and so will my step-mom, so there will never be a dull moment!

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Hand Spinning Show & Tell

Below are my recent attempts at hand spinning. I am really showing signs of improvement and am excited about each new yarn. The first one I used some merino roving. Thick to thin in many places and pretty springy in the tightly spun places. Next came the Purple Eyed Monster Roving I had hand painted. The roving was white, blue, green and maroon. It was very tricky to spin. I was not as happy with the end outcome. I still have close to three ounces of this painted roving, so hopefully my next spin will do it more justice.
I love this one! Winter Green. This yarn is a blend of Merino natural roving and a hand painted batch of merino roving. I really love its consistency and the look. There are only a few spots where the yarn is thick.
This roving was an absolute dream to spin. The roving is from a farm in Vermont and is Blue Faced Leicester. The roving was a piece of cake to keep the consistency and the end product is very nice.
This is by far my favorite to date. When I first started painting yarn, I painted a skein named Sanjaya (yes named after that ever so annoying person on that one singing show) This yarn is hand painted roving in a multitude of colors. It reminds me of my Sanjaya yarn, but hand spun. Love, love, love this one!!!

I ♥ spinning yarn! It is the best. Very relaxing and soothing and addictive. It may have replaced my knitting addiction. Very true!
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Spinning and Fort Smith

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Stringtown Yarn & Fiber in Fort Smith. What a cute shop. The space itself has so much personality. Elizabeth, the shop owner, has really done a nice job in her yarn selections. I loved walking around and touching all the different yummy yarns. It’s an addiction, what can I say.

The shop also caters to spinners and dyers, which I absolutely adore. She has drop spindle kits, dyes,