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To Craft Show or Not

Next month, there is a craft show in Jonesboro that I feel drawn to be a part of. It is located in a church. BUT, it is a juried show. Those scare me. When I did the convention with Deb and Laurie, they both told me I should have no fears of juried shows. But still…ah! I am going to try it. The worst they can say is no.

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AREtsy Valentine’s Day Swap

I had a lovely morning chatting with Jeanetta at Hippiti Hoppiti watching the boys bounce off the walls and each other. When I arrived home, I was greeted with a package on my front door step! Hooray, my Secret Swap Gift was here!!!

AREtsy just got finished doing our very first Valentine’s Day Secret Swap. I was lucky enough to have Jenniferz make my item. One look in my favorites on Etsy and you will see how much I love the little wool bearing critters. Sheep are by far my favorite! Jenniferz makes the most adorable items in her Etsy Shop. Please be sure to check her out, she totally rocks!

My swap gift was a large handmade bag with a gorgeous SHEEP on it. Check it out:
The bag is big enough for me to carry around all my knitting projects, my purse items, and a few skeins of yarn!
The inside is lined with cute fabric and has SEVEN little sewn in long pockets for my knitting needles. Also a larger pouch to fit a skein of yarn. This thing really rocks the free world, let me tell you.

Honestly, if this was for sale somewhere, I would have had no choice but to buy it. The fact that it was a gift and made just for me makes it even more special. I love it so very much! Thank you so much Jen!
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Years and years ago…I was an only child. My mom used to sing “You are my sunshine…my only sunshine” to me. Then after 11 years of being the “only sunshine” along came my beautiful sister! I have to tell you…I was not so happy. I wrote a story in sixth grade about what a pain she was. In the story, I went on and on about having a dream of having a sibling, chasing it, and getting it…then wanting to give it back! My darling sister was a very energetic child. I believe I even went so far as to say I never wanted children, I had seen the job and DID NOT WANT IT! My mom, being ever politically correct, stopped singing “You are my sunshine….my only sunshine” and started singing “You are my sunshine…my little sunshine”

Today, I have to tell you, my sister is a precious gift from God! She is my best friend, my strength, and my encourager. Without her, my world would not be the same. She brings sunshine to my life daily! Thankfully, my parents never took my advice and did not give her back. Love, love, love!

The above image is from a cute little shop in Clovis, California called Hands on Clothing! CLICK HERE to check them out.

Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to meet some really neat people from our church. I am looking forward to building friendships in the following weeks, months, and years with them all! Today, I am meeting with a fellow artist from AREtsy (and ALSO my church…small world/BIG church LOL) I can’t wait!

Tomorrow, or Friday (can’t make any promises) I will have to tell you all about the Women’s Conference I attended last weekend. It was a very unique and fun experience.

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I Got to Meet My Girls!

For those of you who could not make the Meet N Greet yesterday, here are some faces to put with shop names!

Listing from top left: TheTwistedPurl’s Sister (Twisted Sister LOL), ParrotiseBeads’ friend (hopefully she will have her own shop soon!), TheTwistedPurl (me), Ekioart, ParrotiseBeads, Divaschmiva’s Friend, Dyzart’s Friend, Dyzart

Bottom Left: Frontporchcrafts, dogwoodlane, macygirl, DeniseFelton, casserole, DivaschmivaI had such an amazing time meeting all the AREtsy Girls that were able to attend! Such an amazing group of creative women. I felt honored to have all of them in my home. I wish, WISH, wish I had got a picture of all of our art work spread out. It was an amazing site!
Here are a few more pics:
Sally and Debbie “oooooooing and ahhhhing” over ParrotiseBeads GORGEOUS glass bead work…you really need to get some of those listed girl!

Good friends, good food, good times!

I do hope we are able to get together again soon. I really enjoyed the whole day. My voice is STILL gone! LOL At least back to typing will save the vocal chords a bit.

Poor little Daisy was beside herself with all the activity. A few ladies had said they really wanted to see her. So, I figured I’d let the diva dog make an apperance. Poor baby girl, she was so scared she shook. As breif apperance as it was…she had to be a small part of the fun.

It was a bummer some of the lovely AREtsy Gals couldn’t make it. But there is ALWAYS next time! Hope everyone has a fantastic day. Enjoy the SuperBowl…I won’t be yelling at the TV during the game like normal. Hopefully my voice comes back soon. Much love ♥

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Eve of Meet N Greet

Tomorrow is the big day. I get to meet all the wonderful ladies from our street team. I am pretty excited, but a bit stressed out. I have been slacking on getting the house in gear. The hubby has not done much to help. So, here I sit…when I should be cleaning and yet I am blogging. Bad, bad, bad…I know!