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I don’t know what my draw is to the Americana Colorway. I love the colors together, gives me a feel of American pride. The first yarn I did in the colorway was a self-striping sock yarn.
When Bella Lana was still open, a friend of the owner made this “Don’t tread on Me” snake out of my yarn. Next came the roving:
And so with the roving and the yarn, you had to know the handspun would come next:I do like this handspun yarn a lot. But, next time I make it, I will not ply it though. I was not so happy with the way some of the colors came together. Anytime I see red and white together I think candy cane. This yarn makes a very unique twist on the Americana colorway, but I look forward to the next Americana adventure!

Tomorrow I should have pics of Drew’s yarn up. It is coming up quite different than I thought. Til then! ♥

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Drum Roll Please…

First up is Austin’s roving turned to yarn. Here it is on two yarn bobbins. I tugged the roving in half and spun up each half…hence the different colors. Here it is on the swift. Austin looked at it and he said “I will call it Green Eyed Monster”
Green Eyed Monster has now set and dried and is ready to go up for sale. Keep an eye out for it on Etsy!
Next was Brady’s. He insisted on wearing it and being in the picture. Silly Boy!
He has called his “Frosty the Snowman” Not too sure where that came from but hey, whatcha gonna do!

Brady’s has now set and is still hanging to dry.
I believe I saved the very best for last! The colors on Drew’s roving is so very bold. I feel like it will make the best yarn yet. I have not spun it yet. That is tonight’s project. Hopefully, I will have pics of it up tomorrow. ♥
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Book Tag…I’m it

Dianna has tagged me with his blog question/book thing.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five other people.

Hum…ok…a book of at least 123 pages. Thankfully, for YOU, that rules out all the Elmo, Dora, Blue’s Clues books laying around.

My closest book is by Beth Moore, a phenomenal author who has such neat insight. The book is called “DAVID 90 Days With A Heart Like His“. Here goes:

“The psalm provides an unquestionable testament that David responded to his difficulty with prayer. Few of us would argue about prayer being the proper response in our crises, but we often don’t perceive prayer as being the most practical response. We think, “God can save me from my sins but not from my situation.””

Now for the tagging…Jeanetta, Michelle, Diva Cyndi, Julie Anne, Brandy

On a totally different note, later today…after the kids get to school, I will post some pics of Austin and Brady’s spun yarn. I LOVE them!

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The Roving is Ready!

Yesterday, the boys roving hung and dried. While drying, I was amazed at the similarities in the three sets. The boys all used different colors, but yet they looked so much the same. Tye-dyed, a dead head’s dream! Here is a pic of the roving drying:
This morning, they were completely dry and ready to look at more in depth. Below is Brady’s; it spotty with gray and loads of other colors.
Next is Austin’s. His has a lot of blue shades. I can’t wait to spin his up with the blue and yellow and purples. The spinning on his will start today! Hopefully, I will have some pictures to post of it tomorrow.
Last, is Drew’s. Wow! His is very bold and strong. This one will spin up gorgeous as well. He placed his colors with a bit more care than his brothers and it really pays off in the color scheme!
I had to lay all three out side by side so you can see the differences. The yarn will look similar but with the distinct differences of Brady’s being more sporadic, Austin’s being blue, and Drew’s being boldly beautiful!

On a different note, the craft show I have been planning on being in has been canceled. Bummer! I was really looking forward to it. Hopefully, I can find one more major show to be in before Toad Suck Daze. Yes, to all my dear friends in California, I DID say Toad Suck.
Toad Suck Daze is a bit event here in Conway, Arkansas. There is a near by town…very small, called Toad Suck. Back in the day, boats used to pull up and dock at a Tavern in Toad Suck. This was before the county was dry (yes that mean they sell NO LIQUOR in the county). The town folk used to say that the sailors would suck on the liquor bottles until they swelled up like toads. So, the name Toad Suck came about…and darn those sailors, they are probably the reason the whole county is dry. Always takes a few to ruin it for the whole.
Toad Suck Daze is a huge (300,000 +) fair with crafts and rides and great fair food. So now you know! I will be sure to post links and more, once the event gets a bit closer!
Until tomorrow! ♥
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Play Time

Every six weeks or so, the hubby has to work the weekend shift. I hate those weekends. Well, not as much as HE hates them I am sure…but being a single mom for the weekend presents many challenges. With the weather being rather gray and cold, it is difficult to keep them entertained throughout the day. I thought, why not let them paint their own roving? First it started with them changing into yucky clothes, then they were handed the roving. You can see the “ham” in all of them coming out. Daisy wanted in on the fun, but she had to head to her crate.

After the roving soaked for about 30 minutes, it was time for the creative process to begin. Must start with the plastic gloves (I didn’t want to get the dye on the boys hands!). Below is Brady modeling his spiffy gloves.
Painting Time!!!
The boys chose their colors and carefully started the process.

There were jars of dye EVERYWHERE!!!
This was Drew’s final product:

Here is Austin’s:
And Brady’s too:

After it was all over, I steam set the colors…and the roving actually looks pretty much the same. Little variations here and there. Once the roving dries I will be sure to put up some pictures! More pictures will come once I spin it up. The boys are excited about naming their own yarn.

The entire process really only took about an hour. Who knows what we will do tomorrow! ♥