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Spring into Action

Spring is here and the pollen at our house is insane. This is the back porch…yes that is a footprint and paw prints in pollen! Bleh! With the pollen comes my beautiful flowers. Our dogwoods are in full bloom, I love them so very much. Brady has the tendency to pick flowers and give them to me. Very sweet, yes…but not when it’s my dogwoods. He picked one yesterday and I had to nicely explain to him to NOT pick my dogwoods.
My azaleas are also blooming. They are just beautiful. So many buds still on the plants, once they are in full bloom I will have to share a picture.
All these colors…you KNOW I am getting inspired. Our Japanese Maple is absolutely breath taking this year. So very full and rich in color. This is going to be a colorway for sure.
I’m working hard, everyday in prep for Toad Suck Daze. The stock is getting bigger and bigger everyday and I am starting to freak out just a little less as the days go by. I have truly “sprung into action”. Hope you can be inspired by the beauty around you today! ♥

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Twist and Shout

For close to ten years now, I have had reoccurring dreams/nightmares all about tornadoes. When my life is a bit out of control or there is something really bothering me…I have dreams about tornadoes. They chase me, rip off roofs around me, take away family members, sweep away my car…I could go on and on. It is quite strange all those years living in California, the land of no weather, and having nightmares about tornadoes.

Last night, we had some crazy weather here in Arkansas. The kids were down for bed and the hubby and I were snuggled in as well. I was watching the news and saw the reports of tornadoes in Benton. Most of my family is in Benton. I prayed A LOT for them to be kept safe. After it passed I dozed off.

A few hours later, the phone rang. My sister was calling to be sure we were up and in a safe place. The sirens were going off! I FREAKED out. Plain and simple…FREAKED OUT! Todd sat straight up and said “Are those the tornado sirens?” I shouted “YES GET THE BOYS!”

I ran across the house grabbed Brady, my youngest, and put him in the hallway. Then I got our dog and put her on her leash. I started grabbing pillows, blanket, couch cushions, more blankets. Austin and Drew came into the hall with dazed looks. Drew grabbed the pillow and a blanket and went back to sleep. YES! Back to sleep, can you believe it? Austin, just looked like he was sleeping with his eyes open.

We listened to the news and they were reporting where funnel clouds had been seen and they kept saying “If you are in Conway, be in your safe area!” I also heard the name of the elementary school that is a couple blocks from our house. Much more prayers. Then a few minutes passed, the sirens stopped. We still had a roof. No one was taken away. The cars were still in the garage and driveway. Phew!

My little California heart could hardly take last night! I was so worried about the boys and how they were going to react to the whole situation. Drew said he didn’t sleep so well, and Brady said he didn’t go back to sleep. Then my Austin, my five year old…comes into the kitchen as I am making his lunch and looks at me strange.

He says “Last night was pretty weird.” and told him yes, tornadoes can be quite scary, but as long as we are smart and try to get well protected in the hall we should stay safe. His eyes got really big and he said “THERE WAS A TORNADO?!?!?” I said “Baby, why did you think we were all in the hallway in the middle of the night?” He said “I thought it was practice!”

Gotta love that boy! Last night was like practice though. It was good to go through and not actually have the tornado pass over our house and hear it. I feel the next time it happens, my heart can take it. And maybe I won’t freak out as bad. Oh believe me…I will still freak out, but maybe I will not have to type it in all capital letters.

I hope everyone else is safe. Please keep Arkansas in your prayers…we have been hit with a lot lately, half the state is flooded and now a lot of folks have lost their homes. Thankfully my family in Benton is all safe and no one had any significant damage. ♥

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Beyond Beat

On Monday I dyed. A lot. I had some yarn that looked a bit like a Hawaiian lei so I did some in red, white, and blue, also a different set in rainbow. I dyed up some silk yarn and also some blue sock yarn. The blue sock yarn is every shade of blue I had premixed in my dye cabinet. It turned out nice, and I can’t wait to see it reskeined. Today I had my slave driver friend, Jeanetta come over and help me play with all the silk scarves I ordered. We dyed 20 things! All that is pictured is the scarves. Once the bags dry I will be sure to share. Some of them turned out fantastic, others look a little like mud was slung across the dye room, but ahhhhh well…it was fun to have four hands!
The velour and silk was a very interesting fabric to play with. Above you see it in blue (which I adore!) below it is in chocolate. With the blue, brown, and red today we did sets so I will have them with small key chain/cardholder bags, and a bit larger makeup size bag. All with the silk velour. It is quite stunning to see the way the light hits them.

Tons of scarves for Toad Suck Daze. The red above is in Razorback Red!

We managed to survive the morning with very little injuries. Surprising with Luke and Brady jumping off the top bunk bed onto a mattress pulled off the lower bunk bed on the floor…I was the only one injured. I managed to stick a wooden skewer right into the middle of my forehead. The darn thing actually stuck. Once I pulled it out, it really didn’t bleed too bad…but I laughed so hard I was wiping away the tears and holding my side. Darn wooden skewers. I am really beyond beat though. I am ready for a nap…and my poor hands need a rest. Hope your crafting endeavors are successful and pleasing today, and watch out for skewers. ♥
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Food Coloring is Amazing

My family has an interesting history for April Fool’s Day. We love to play jokes on one another and the day is too much fun for the most part! This year…my creative wheels have not been spinning in the tricky department…so I figured I would share April Fool’s 2004.

It is amazing what you can do with food coloring. My kids were babies and I was new to the parenting thing. I figure what better prank to play on my six year old and one year old, than make them think they were getting cupcakes for dinner.

I took metal cupcake holders and made little mini meatloaves. Then I made up some mashed potatoes and placed them in three separate bowls. I colored each bowl with a few drops of food coloring and I had made frosting!
So, they weren’t the prettiest cupcakes in the world…but to a six year old this was the best dinner EVER!
The plates were set, the dinner started. I got a few weird looks when I had the camera out, but hey…he’s six! Then he said “Umm….what kind of frosting is this?”
After a really good laugh, the boys enjoyed their April Fool’s Cupcakes.
What better dessert to have then Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes N Gravy, and peas and carrots? I mean…they had to have dessert after such trickery.

If you haven’t guessed yet, the chicken nuggets were Carmel, mashed potatoes…ice cream, gravy…Carmel topping, and peas and carrots….skittles.

Hope you all have a lovely Tricky April Fool’s Day…as for me and the family, who knows what’s for dinner tonight! ♥