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Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

After first getting the wrong part from the wonderful man at Babe’s Fiber Garden…I was panic stricken. The part I had made, did not work…so I was at a loss for a few days. Then yesterday the correct part did arrive. Yay for Babe’s Fiber Garden!!! I have been mean about my wheel and looked down upon it ever since I got it. Not sure why, but indeed I have. Now I will look at it with endearment. I know now what it’s like to NOT be able to spin for a few days and that is not a way I want to live.

So here is my wheel back in action:

This is a fun color combo that Jeanetta painted up while here one day. It will be called “The Natural State” unless something else strikes me when it’s plied.
Below is one yarn bobbin completed.
While I was spinning a little bird came up to my bird feeder in my window and peeked in to see what was going on. It made me think of the part in Enchanted when she opened the window and sang and then all the critters came in to help her. I figured since we do live in the real world I would end up with all the roaches and rats trying to help me spin and that surely wouldn’t be the nicest sight. If you have no earthly idea what I’m talking about….go rent Enchanted.Back to spinning for now…this evening or in the morning I have to show off the yarn plied and set. Till then! ♥

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Goody Bags for Toad Suck

Everyday the items are coming in for the Toad Suck Sacks. My mailbox is such a joy. I have got some really cool business cards from Diamondmeenuh Creaions, BowsByMom, TSmithDesigns, a cool postcard size card from NightSkyProducts, a bookmark from Glassbead, cute handmade notebooks by dogwoodlane, and a very adorable hand crocheted bow on a hair clip from Hannah’s Creations (hrs09).

I have made up some laminated cards with yarn classifications on the back, for knitters to throw in their knitting bags, and mini skeins with the AREtsy Logo Buttons attached on them. The buttons were made by HotButtons.

There are still several more AREtsy Team Members who have asked for my address so I will be sure to show you the other spiffy things members come up with.

On a side note…my spinning wheel part came in! The right part! Hooray! We have a party to go to this evening, for my step-brother who is visiting from California…so yarn spinning production will be back in FULL swing in the morning. Maybe tonight! ♥

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Long Time No Post

Three posts in one day is a bit crazy, but at least this one has eye candy attached to it. I have been very busy the last couple weeks in dyeing yarn and spinning, but have not really been showing off too much of the yummy yarn.
Three Kid Mohair:

New Sock Yarn:
Purl Lei Yarn:

One Silk Yarn:
Two Thick N Thins:

And Lastly Some Yummy Boucles:

So there you have it. Time well spent! I am loving some of the new color combos and I can’t wait to see them all at Toad Suck Daze. Hope to see you there! ♥

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Over My Dramatic Self

Yes I have my moments…the “drama queen” roared her ugly head this morning. You know, moments of quite despair can do that to a girl.

After my “oh woe is me” moment. I got dressed and headed to Lowes…greasy, broken part in hand. I finally found someone to ask for help and then they asked someone else for help. The poor man looked at me and said he had never seen anything like it before in his life. He couldn’t even offer me any type of alternative to fix it. All he said was go to a metal shop and have it custom made. Of course the clock is ticking in my head and the thought of all that just irritated me totally. I went and bought something I thought I could maybe rig to work right and drove home praying the whole way.

Well, I am not so rational sometimes…really, that shouldn’t surprise you! For some reason I though I only needed two holes when really, I needed three. Two screws and one bolt. There was no was I could “rig” what I bought. Thankfully, it was only a buck!

So, irritated with Lowes lack of knowledge and not wanting to drive to the other side of town to go see if Home Depot was any more educated. I went into Ace Hardware. I always love the people at Ace!

Once again greasy parts in hand, I paced up and down the isles looking for something that just may work. Right away a nice lady came up and offered to help. The two of us were on a mission. She was very helpful but she too had to ask another for help. This guy totally rocked. Let me tell you, he was so helpful! He gave me some metal fixer upper stuff and we figured out a few things to stick into it to brace it. I really love Ace Hardware. You may pay a few pennies more but sometimes the help is so worth it.

Now the part is drying and I will sand it down a bit in a few minutes. Much more prayer, but hopefully this will work!

I did call the maker of my wheel and asked if I could order the part that broke. The darling man is sending me the part for free. *crosses fingers* I hope what I have made will at least work until the new part comes in! ♥