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How to make a Dry Soup Mix in a Jar-Woo Pig Soupie

Here’s a quick little handmade gift you can make to give to all the Razorback fans in your life.  Of course, you can us different pasta, but we had these super cute Razorback Pastas and Woo Pig Soupie was a must make for our holiday gift giving.

WooPigSoupieThis Christmas, I wanted to do something a little different. I try to give a little handmade something to my friends and my husband’s coworkers and boss every year.  In addition to the handmade cookies we make for my husband’s entire crew (what a production that is!).  One of my boys had a school fundraiser with pasta and I knew exactly what I had to make.  Razorback PastaA dry soup mix in a jar is the perfect thing to give!

We gathered up all the materials and laid it all out on the island.  We made nine- 3 pint jars, it was quite the sight.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the production line, but you can imagine! I bought the 3 Pint Jars at Hobby Lobby.

Here’s the dry ingredients you need to gather:

1 cup dry split peas
2/3 cup beef bouillon granules
1/2 cup pearl barley
1 cup dry lentils
1/2 cup dried onion flakes
4 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning
1 cup uncooked long-grain white rice
4 bay leaves
1 cup uncooked Razorback Pasta

Carefully layer in this order: split peas, bouillon, barley, lentils, onion flakes, Italian seasoning, rice, and bay leaves. Place the pasta in a plastic bag or plastic wrap, and place in top of jar.Jar up closeAt first, I really didn’t want to put the pasta in plastic just because of the look, but it does make it easier to remove for cooking.  If I make these again, just for looks and not for actual consumption, I would place the pasta directly in the jar with no wrap.

After much family debate, our youngest came up with the idea of calling the soups “Woo Pig Soupie” (he’s brilliant…must take after his mom HA!).

I used a Razorback ribbon to wrap around the top of the jar.  Then printed out the labels with instructions on how to cook and what extra ingredients need to be added.

Print a label to put on the soup with this information:

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: 2 pound ground beef, black pepper to taste, garlic powder to taste, 2 (28 ounce) can diced tomatoes – undrained, 2 (6 ounce) can tomato paste, and 6 quarts water. TO PREPARE SOUP: Remove pasta from jar, and set aside. In a large pot over medium heat, brown beef with pepper and garlic; drain fat. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, water, and soup mix. Bring to a boil, then turn heat to low. Cover, and simmer for 45 minutes. Stir in the pasta, cover, and simmer 15 to 20 minutes, or until the pasta, peas, lentils and barley are tender.[/box]

Because all of our friends are not Razorback fans (can’t believe we have such people in our lives…I know 😉 ), we also made a Roll Tide Soup with Alabama pasta and a Rock Chalk Jayhawk Woo Pig Soupie (for a house divided with 1/2 cup Jayhawk Pasta and 1/2 cup Razorback Pasta).  The possibilities are really endless…but of course I love my Razorbacks, so in my book, “Woo Pig Soupie” is the best!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas holiday season and a happy and safe New Year celebration.  We here at The Twisted Purl are looking forward to 2014 and all the fun things it will bring.

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New Year New Crafty Giveaway

Happy 2014!!!

Let’s celebrate the New Year with a new crafty giveaway! Most have made New Year’s Resolutions and some want to get more crafty. Crafty resolutions are the best.

The Twisted Purl wants to help by giving away this little learn to knit kit.

I want to hear why handmade is important to you or what makes handmade special. Just leave a comment below for a chance to win.

Pin this for an extra chance to win!
Pin this for an extra chance to win!

Our new shop has opened directly on our website too: Check out the items available in the shop by clicking here.

PinkLemonade Handmade YarnIt’s no secret I’m a big handmade fanatic. You’ll find me at shows talking to people about their crafts and giving high fives to those who have embraced knitting and crocheting as a hobby.

I taught myself to knit only to find out, ironically enough, AFTER naming the business, I was twisting all my purls.  But, that didn’t hinder my wish or ability to create. It’s in my blood!


Because I’m such a fan of handmade and do believe everyone should have some sort of yarn craft in their bag of tricks, I love to pass on these little learn to knit kits. Giving them out at shows when I see a future yarnaholic in the making.

 Would you like to win your very own Learn to Knit Kit?

Win this kit to teach yourself how to knit.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Kit includes: Pocket Guide, Single Point Knitting Needles Size 8, with a Special Left-Handed Section[/box]

Learn a new skill or pass it on to someone you know would be a knitting rock star. 2014 is the year you tap into your creative side and learn to knit.HandmadeYarn.comAll you have to do is leave a comment below explaining why you love handmade or why you believe handmade is important.

For extra chances to win:

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Contest Details: Entries are accepted through midnight January, 11, 2014. A winner is announced on Sunday, January 12, 2014 on our blog and through our various social media outlets.  Some comments might be used in future blog posts. The winner will be chosen by random number.  No purchase necessary to win.  Good luck and happy crafting!!!
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Felted Soap Stocking Stuffers and the post Dazzle Daze Haze

Felted Soap makes great Stocking StuffersThe last few weeks I’ve been consumed with Felted Soap making.  Tons and tons of soap!  With Dazzle Daze behind us and Christmas creeping around the corner, everyone wants a bar or two of soap to stuff in stockings and give out to family and friends.

If you want to get a bar or two of Felted Soap please check out our Etsy Page and be sure to order before December 15th for Christmas Delivery.Hand Dyed Fiber Hanging to DryI had a massive dye day on Wednesday just to keep up with all the fiber needed to fill the orders.  Above is the fiber hanging out to dry.  We are still making about 150-200 soaps a day just trying to keep up with orders.  My new intern, Zoe, is a rock star and TONS of help!!! Dazzle Daze Craft Booth Set UpDazzle Daze 2013 is now just a memory but it sure was a successful show and I had an absolute blast.  Thank you so much for coming out to see me! Above is an overview of our entire booth.  Below was the front display of our Felted Soaps.Felted Soap Display Dazzle Daze 2013We also had an inside felted soap display using an old suitcase found at a second-hand store.  It’s my favorite way to display the soaps.Inside Felted Soap DisplayI could not have done this huge three-day event without help and I have to give a tremendous thanks to my booth helpers.  Girls night out Jeanetta and I giggled our way through the evening.  Claudia and I counted boots and had a blast Friday morning and part of the afternoon.  My step mom, Debbie, relieved Claudia on Friday afternoon and was a huge help all night. Saturday was sister day in The Twisted Purl booth.  Lots of Fun Times at Dazzle Daze 2013Yeah, we are a bit goofy (Twisted Sisters haha)!  We had too much fun and Meg helped support the other vendors and checked lots of things off her Christmas Shopping list.New Yarn Spun during Dazzle Daze 2013Above is a few of the skeins of yarn I created while in my booth.  A few of them sold before I could snap pics…one even sold while it was still on the bobbin!  I hope everyone enjoys the yarn and all the goodies bought during the show and I appreciate your business more than words can express.  Thank you!!!  There will be a shop update on Monday with new skeins of handspun yarn and a few scarves too!

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Please Welcome Zoe our New Twisted Purl Intern

The Twisted Purl, especially in the Felted Soap department, has been booming.  We have been very blessed with more new retail stores purchasing Felted Soaps (we are now up to 53).  Woohoo!
With the added Holiday Shopping season approaching and Dazzle Daze just around the corner, I’ve felt just a tad bit overwhelmed. There is only so much one person can do, especially in the handmade field.  I hate not getting the orders out in a more timely manner.  Just having an extra set of hands to help package, blend fibers, and label would be a tremendous help.
I reached out to one of our local colleges, Hendrix, in the hopes of establishing an internship program that would be mutually beneficial to both the college student and my business.  You can learn more about The Twisted Purl Internship Program here.
Plus, fiber arts is something you can not just learn about anywhere. Being able to pass on my passion and the hands on knowledge it’s taken me a few years to acquire will be a blast.
After just a short time of interviewing, I’m thrilled to have found our very first intern.  With the timing of the semester being so wonky, she’ll be with us for a few weeks this year and then start again after winter break.
Very excited to announce the addition of Zoe to our fiber family.  Below is her introductory post.  She will be posting on our blog every week and sharing the different experiences with you.  Today is her very first day!!!

Carded Batt Fiber Rose
Hi everybody,
My name is Zoe.  I’m a junior at Hendrix College studying studio art and Spanish language.  I’m interested in a future of design and writing, (in both Spanish and English,) and also one involving making art, whatever medium I may choose.  I love my position working on the yearbook here at Hendrix, and am thrilled that both of my majors allow me to pursue my many passions and interests.  Although everything I’ve said is true of me, I would much rather say it in a more interesting fashion.  I prefer to summarize it in the simple phrase “College student, creative writer, life designer, musician, nature lover, creature catcher, star gazer.”
As an art student at Hendrix College, I’m able to learn new art techniques daily.  I do this by taking classes in varying medias such as printmaking or ceramics, and also by experimenting through art without the fear of failure.  There is nothing more exciting than seeing a piece of art or a component of art, and learning how to do that particular project on your own.  I would be ecstatic to intern at The Twisted Purl because I would love to learn about a type of art that I am not able to pursue here at Hendrix.  I am also extremely interested in learning about the ins and outs of a local, home-run business through first hand experience.
By interning at The Twisted Purl, I would hope to leave with not only a newly acquired skill, but also a new passion and interest that would allow for more artistic growth, and might also aide with a future job.  I would also hope to be able to show others the personable nature of a handmade product.  Nothing is better than experiencing something handmade.  When you touch or hold the item, you can almost imagine yourself there with the person as they are making it.  Being a part of such a intimate experience has been so exciting for me during my art career, whether this be while using a handmade sheet of paper or making my own clay, and I hope to be able to bring the amazing idea of “handmade” to many more people.
Keep on learning, creating, and growing.
Zoe B
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Dazzle Daze is on the Way

It's Fall Y'allIt’s Fall and not even Thanksgiving but at The Twisted Purl Place, aka my home, it’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Christmas Tree with Felted Soap A small tree is up in my living room with new ornaments being added as fast as I can make them.  Felted Soaps are drying under the tree.  I’m singing Christmas Carols as I spin up Christmas themed yarns.

Yep, Dazzle Daze is just around the corner.Dazzle Daze 2013Dazzle Daze is a huge 3 Day shopping extravaganza for an excellent cause.  The event benefits the Conway Regional Women’s Center.  Tickets are only $5 for the event or $25 for the Thursday Girls Night Out Event.  You can buy tickets for Dazzle Daze here.

There are over 85 Dazzle Daze Merchants all with amazing items and lots of goodies.  Each booth will be totally decked out and spreading Christmas cheer and yes my friends, I will be among them.  This is the perfect place to find one of a kind gifts for every person on your holiday list.

Let me be honest here, getting ready for such a big show is a bit overwhelming but immensely rewarding.  As I’ve said often, I ADORE talking to people face to face about my craft and sharing my handmade story.  BUT, the lead up to and preparation for a big show is always a lot.  Three days of shopping means (God willing) the need for enough inventory to sell for three days!  When you are talking all handmade that is a whole lot of work.  In the past I’ve shared a booth, which takes a lot of the pressure off, but this year I fly solo.  So I’m nervous and busy and sleep is not really a necessity, right?

I love to share the steps of the handmade journey with you and this new yarn journey is exploding with Christmas colors and texture.  Here’s the “Basket of Fluff”:Basket of Christmasy FluffAlong with my standard handspun yarn, felted soaps, and other fiber creations for Dazzle Daze I’m making a few ornaments.  That’s the plan for this yarn.  Funky textures and Christmas colors for uniquely handmade ornaments.Sparkly Drum CarderAbove is a photograph of the fiber spinning on the drum carder.  It looked super sparkly (Angelina fiber does that and I love using it).  Below is the picture of the carded batt once it went through the drum carder.Christmasy Carded BattFrom the batt I spun the fiber into yarn with my spinning wheel.Yarn on Spinning WheelBecause I plan to use this skein strictly for Christmas Ornaments I put it directly on my ball winder and skipped the process of putting it on the swift and into a hank of yarn.Christmas Handmade Yarn for Ornaments at Dazzle DazeHere’s the finished yarn.  It turned out pretty spiffy. Below is an example of one of the ornaments I’ve made.Ornament made with Handspun Yarn for Dazzle Daze 2013Want a discount? Come out to Dazzle Daze this year and show me the below coupon to receive $5 off. Save paper! No need to print it, just pull it up on your phone (even just tell me you saw it). 😉Dazzle Daze 2013 Coupon for The Twisted Purl Booth Dazzle Daze will take place at the Conway Expo Center and Fairgrounds at 2505 East Oak Street, Conway Arkansas. November 21-23, 2013

The Twisted Purl featured in 501 Life Dazzle Daze Shopping Guide
The Twisted Purl’s Items Featured in 501 Life Magazine’s preview for Dazzle Daze Shopping Yay!

Find out more about the Dazzle Daze schedule on their website or through their Facebook page.

Hope to see you there!!!