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Crochet Kick

We’ve been on a crochet kick in the shop. Hilary, our fantastic crochet teacher and shop assistant, has been inspiring me to dive deeper into the hooker world.

I like to browse the What’s Hot Now section on Ravelry just to see what’s trending and to stay on top of all the lovely patterns you will want to create. Being on the crochet kick and working on my first toe up, two at a time knitted socks stumbling upon this pattern was just too cool.

It’s the Spiral Socks by Ooh I Love it! and it’s a free download on Ravelry.

I’m going to start this soon. Probably in Babe Cotton. I bet they will be super soft!


What’s coming up?

Join us to learn how to Crochet your First Hat class tomorrow from 12-2

I haven’t forgotten my knitters! If you are looking to learn how to knit tomorrow is our Learn to Knit Class starting at 4:00.

On the new shop space news I’ve met with the carpet installer and we have a date!!! Carpet will be going in THURSDAY! This means we can seriously look at a date for the Grand Re-Opening party. Woot woot! I’m just a tad bit excited.

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Kill the UFO

In the midst of painting, moving, and organizing I’ve been working on upcoming classes and events. It’s hard! Being my own boss and running this business requires a lot of hats.I get super overwhelmed and just freeze up at times. These are the days where I just want to sit in the corner and knit. Realistically, what ends up happening is I start a new project and it becomes one more thing in the long list of things that must be finished.

Speaking of, you would never believe how many UFOs (unfinished objects) I found while organizing for the move. Sad, neglected, partially knit items that had high hopes of growing up to be something fantastic.

We must have a kill the UFO party. Use laser focus and get it done!

Hope you aren’t dragging too bad with the loss of an hour this weekend. I hate Daylight Savings. Doesn’t exactly help with laser focusing.

If you are actually looking for a new project we have a Granny Square Shrug class on Wednesday at 12:00. Bust out a cute spring shawl in just a few hours. Bring a size H crochet hook. Cost is $35 and includes instruction and yarn.

What do you do to stay focused and get stuff done?

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The Rumors are true the Twisted Purl is Moving

We are moving!  The new space is located on Prince and Salem. We have some awesome neighbors including a floral shop, nail salon, COFFEE house (yes!), sandwich shop, and even Maggie’s Cookies (yum!).  I’m totally excited.  Wait until you see it!

We’ve been working on sprucing up the new place over the last few weeks. I’m so blessed to have wonderful, family, friends, and customers to jump in and help.It was a hot mess y’all! The walls were neon green and yellow.  Blinding.

The carpet was stained and dirty, dirty, DIRTY!  The business before must have had some cool windows in the walls but they were gone…which is actually great! We don’t really want glassed in rooms (except for the classroom). But, the missing windows included ripped out trim boards and lots of just raw sheet rock showing.

We’ve painted a lot and are getting the carpets replaced.  My dad cut a bunch of new boards and framed out all the windows. All that is starting to look a whole lot better!  I’m meeting with the carpet guy early this week and then will finally have a moving date and grand re-opening party date to announce.The new space is so amazing!  We have SO MUCH SPACE.  It’s 2,600 square feet and is just perfect for all the things we needed.  There’s a great room that will be our dedicated classroom for all the super fun classes we have planned for the future.

My Dad and I were talking about how much we have grown over time.  First, the business started in my house. I would make felted soaps and handspun yarn in my living room floor and ship them all over the world. Then I got tired of sending my kids to school with wool in their shoes…for real.

We moved into an office studio space.  We had a tiny, 220 square foot office room. It was great to get the fiber and all the tools needed for production out of the house but it was super claustrophobic.  With my Dad and I both working we’d fill up the space and there was no room for expansion.

After our tiny studio space, we moved to our current location. It’s about 1200 which at the time was huge!  I remember decorating and setting up the yarn and thinking there is no way we will fill up this space. LOL Two years later….we are busting at the seams.

Here we go now moving into a space that’s more than two times the size of our current location.  WOWZA! The room we have designated as the “Bat Cave” (fiber room and location where we’ll make the carded batts) is about the same size as our first studio space.  It’s funny how things go!

As I go back and forth between hyperventilating and being overcome with joy and excitement these next few weeks will be fun.  More to come on the new space and what you can expect.

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TNNA Winter 2017 is a Blast so far!

Not a lot of time to post this week, as I’ve been diving into the wonderful winter show hosted by The National Needlearts Association. It’s been an amazing experience. This time the role is the buyer and not a vendor. Big first for me!

Absolutely thrilled to have my knitting with me on the plane. Mr Twisted and myself flew out at about 5:00 central time and chased the sun almost all the way to California. I’m still working on the blanket above for my new niece and hope to finish before we head home!

“Treat yourself!” This beauty is my car for the week. It’s my dream car and was only $10 more to rent so why the heck not?! 

Here are just a few of the new items I want to bring home for you.

What do you think? I’ll post more as soon as I stop ooooing and ahhhing and touching EVERYTHING!