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It’s almost Christmas Time!

It’s finals time here at school, which means stress stress stress!  It also means a very irregular schedule for me at The Twisted Purl.  Luckily, next semester I will have very particular hours and will have lots to write about each week.  Sadly, it also means that my time at The Twisted Purl is coming to a close for the semester. 🙁  These past couple weeks, I went home for Thanksgiving break and got sufficiently fat and happy, and then returned to school only to get straight to work on numerous art projects, Spanish tests, and papers.  I also came back and helped make soaps!  Cyndi had over 60 orders coming in at one point!  That is a lot of soap, considering some of those orders were for 50 or more soaps.

With the ice storm that hit us this weekend, I was on strict orders from my Mom, and Cyndi, that I was not to intern when the bad weather hit.  Which means that this past Thursday was my last day for the semester.  I’m cleaning my hands of the felted soap work for 2013, but will be ready to come back in full swing in 2014.  Next semester not only will I be interning on a very particular schedule, but I will also be learning things on a schedule!  Cyndi made a really fabulous intern “syllabus” to follow, and we have only been able to touch on some of the subjects, since the soap business has been booming.  I’ll get to help with dying fibers next semester, and will also make sure I get to learn how to spin wool into yarn. 🙂

I hope that everyone has a fun Christmas with their families.  (Mine has yet to put up our Christmas tree, whoops!)  Going to head home and get ready to eat and eat and eat!  See you all next semester.