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Handmade Yarn, Felted Soaps, & Fiber Creations

Bright Spring Handspun YarnFelted Soaps with labels

The Twisted Purl is home to uniquely created handspun art yarns; bright colorful felted soaps, and many other various fiber creations. Check out all the handmade goodies in our new online store:

New Shop Items Available Handmade Yarn Felted Soap Drop Spindles Spinning Fibers Wool Felted Dryer Balls~Handspun Yarn~  ~Felted Soap~  ~Spinning Kits~  ~Spinning Fibers~  ~Felted Wool Balls~

Upcoming 2015 Shows & Events:

Handspun Yarn Handmade Yarn Textured Yarn Art YarnOur mission is to enable Yarnaholics all around the world by producing handspun yarn & handmade fiber creations for others to use & enjoy.

New Shop Items Internship Opportunity

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